About Us

Mulgaro pursues in making beautiful shirts that can be worn for all sort of occasions.
With the seamless and architectural silhouettes, our comfortable, casual smart shirts lend a glamorous edge to workwear and off-duty outfits, making them the perfect sartorial ally for a modern busy man.
Our shirts are the epitome of modern sophistication, suitable for an afternoon at the office and attending an evening celebration within the space of an hour.

All designs are done in-house in the studio in London and our productions are artisan-made in Bangkok. We believe that unique design is what makes anything look timeless and contemporary. Starting from shapes that carefully balance beauty and functionality, we work extensively on materials, pursuing a harmonious blend of colour, tone and texture.


Our products come with exceptional care and attention. Our factory in Bangkok pursue modern machinery as well as utilising traditional ancient style hand techniques to create a finish that emanates simplicity yet boldness at the same time. Every single shirt is made by hand in our small factory in Bangkok, Thailand.